KEYOU wins „German Business Awards 2022“

Is there any better way to end the year than with an #award? We can’t think of much! Especially since this award – we’re talking about the „German Business Award 2022“ – came as a bit of a surprise since we didn’t apply for it. And we won in the category „Most Sustainable Hydrogen Technology Company!“ That means we are continuing an old KEYOU tradition of winning an award every year. For sure, the award will look great in the KEYOU office.

What are the German Business Awards? 

The „German Business Awards“ are an award that the editorial team of the news portal „EU Business News“ presents annually to various German companies in different categories. In doing so, the editorial team collects independent information from several publicly available sources, which is evaluated together with the materials provided by the nominated company. The final verdict is made on the basis of various criteria, including company performance, longevity and growth, as well as significant innovations and feedback from customers and prospects.

We are pleased to close 2022 with another award. It shows how excellently KEYOU is positioned in the public and that the hydrogen engine has gradually arrived at the center of society. 

Click here for a detailed article in the EU Business News Magazine