KEYOU wins Rheinkraft International as another pioneer for trucks with hydrogen engines

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Decarbonizing your truck fleet cost-efficiently and at low risk without sacrificing short refueling times and familiar ranges. What still seems a long way off for many logistics companies is now within reach for Rheinkraft International (RKI) with KEYOU's pioneering truck. The long-established logistics company from Duisburg has signed the next coveted contract for a CO2-free 18-ton truck with a hydrogen engine. RKI's end customer has also been selected: one of the world's largest steel producers.

KEYOU wins Rheinkraft International as attractive partner for the pioneering PF8 program

The first contact occurred in the spring of 2023, leading to the first personal meeting in Munich at the Transport Logistics trade fair shortly after. We are talking about the Bavarian hydrogen specialist KEYOU and the medium-sized logistics company Rheinkraft International. After the contract for an 18 t truck was signed in August, they recently met for the symbolic handover of the keys at the test site in Neubiberg. Also present was a representative one of the world's largest steel producers. Rheinkraft International secures one of the coveted CO2-free trucks from KEYOU's pioneering fleet.

Decarbonization of the steel industry: another step in the right direction

Rheinkraft International, a company specializing in steel transport, offers its customers a wide range of logistics services. Sustainable concepts for reducing CO2 emissions are becoming increasingly important. "We want to boldly and actively shape the necessary change in road freight transport," explains Dirk Müller, managing partner of RKI. "In addition to their own sustainability efforts, our customers are increasing emphasis on decarbonizing their supply chain. As a logistics company, this naturally presents us with major challenges, especially since the current range of CO2-free trucks that meet our requirements is still limited. We see great potential in KEYOU's technology. From the start, we were convinced by KEYOU's pay-per-use model and full-service package. The advantages of the hydrogen engine, high efficiency, short refueling times, and attractive range were conclusive. That's why we are pleased to be able to test one of the first KEYOU H2 trucks in real operation as a pioneer."

The end customer adds: "We are not only concerned about decarbonizing energy-intensive production, we also want to make our supply chains climate-neutral as quickly as possible, and not via certificates, but in real terms for all modes of transport."

Toll exemption through Euro VI - toll savings of up to €15,000 per year for fleet operators

The trucks with "KEYOU inside" technology are classified as zero-emission vehicles according to EU standards, even without expensive exhaust after treatment. "When hydrogen is burned, only harmless water vapor is produced - unlike when conventional fuels are burned," explains KEYOU CEO Tom Korn. "And nitrogen oxides are also not a problem with the modified engines. Thanks to the very efficient lean-burn combustion we developed, we fall well below the nitrogen oxide limits." For customers, this has another significant advantage. The converted trucks meet  Euro VI emissions standards and the EU's CO2 requirements. Thus being exempt from truck tolls. This is a clear plus point for the KEYOU truck with an H2 engine, as it can save fleet operators up to €15,000 in tolls per year. Given the current debates about a significant increase in CO2-dependent tolls, this point will certainly gain importance in the future.

Extensive test drives with the prototype truck are underway in and around Munich; delivery of the first pioneer trucks is planned for the end of 2023.

The start-up's 18-ton prototype received official TÜV road approval in May. And has since been put through its paces under a wide range of conditions on the roads in and around Munich. Soon, KEYOU partners will build the first vehicles of the pioneer fleet in close cooperation with engineers of the Munich-based hydrogen specialist. Delivery of the first customer vehicles is planned for the fourth quarter. Fleet operators will then benefit from an all-around carefree package in the form of an "H2 Mobility as a Service" total solution: they pay a monthly €/km price depending on the annual mileage. In addition to the truck, this includes fuel, a comprehensive service and maintenance package, and fully comprehensive insurance for the vehicle.

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