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Fleet operators face enormous challenges. Economic success alone is no longer enough today. You also have to do justice to the climate. That's why KEYOU relies on H2 Mobility as a Service renting out converted CO2-free vehicles with hydrogen engines - without risk but including fuel, service, and insurance.

As always.聽But green.
Modern drive technologies must be reliable, cost-efficient, and powerful to be a real alternative to existing solutions. We have taken these requirements to heart and created an all-around carefree package for fleet operators with the KEYOU H2 Mobility as a Service approach. Be among the first to test our 18-ton truck under real-life conditions!
Become a pioneer

Zero emission, maximum performance - our 18 ton truck


210 kW

Driving range

up to 600 kilometers


7.8 liters

The base of our conversion technology

Innovative concept

We developed a proprietary low-temperature lean combustion concept that results in obtaining the highest performance with the lowest emissions.

Hydrogen system

The engine control system optimizes the management of the injection, air-charging, and ignition sub-systems, which have all been tailored for H2 burn. Some key mechanical components were improved for high durability.

Maximum performance

A smart engine operating strategy with the selected setup takes advantage of the H2-fuel properties allowing: high power densities(27 kW/L), high low-end torque (90% of maximum torque at 900 rpm), and high brake efficiency (peak of 44.5%).

Zero emission

H2 combustion emits water vapor. Traces of CO2 originating from the lubricating oil are close to zero, as are NOx emissions due to the low combustion temperature achieved.

Robust & cost-effective

Build on top of a mature diesel engine base platform, KEYOU鈥檚 H2-Engine offers the same high reliability and durability as Diesel engines. Due to the low modification effort and the fast integration of new components, the extra cost to pay is low.

How an ordinary diesel...

Previous generations of hydrogen engines were clean but low performance and required complex adaptation work. KEYOU, on the other hand, modifies existing diesel engines most effectively, using the same components. Retrofitting only those necessary for optimal hydrogen combustion operation.

...becomes a zero emission vehicle.

Thanks to optimized workflows and efficient processes, we can convert your existing fleet quickly and efficiently. Through our partner network, we guarantee the usual standard of service and maintenance even after the conversion. Contact us today to learn more about KEYOU-inside and our conversion services. Be a pioneer, and take the first step towards a CO2-free future, we will support you!

Hydrogen mobility without risk withpay-per-use

You do not have any experience with hydrogen? And want state-of-the-art technology without risk? While driving CO2-free and keeping an eye on your TCO? No problem, because we have developed an attractive "Pay-Per-Use" model for fleet operators. Unlike the usual purchase or leasing business, we rent out the converted trucks and charge a flat rate per kilometer ("pay-per-use") based on the annual mileage. This includes vehicle rental, maintenance and service, insurance, and even hydrogen. Our team, in partnership with trusted partners, will carry out maintenance and service for your vehicle.

Conversion Technology

We convert the engine and vehicle to H2 for you. Lowest possible investment for customers who want to use zero-emission hydrogen trucks and maintain their current business model.

Hydrogen Fuel

Vehicle and fuel belong together. The customer also gets hydrogen from Us. The short distance between the customer site and hydrogen production, and full utilization of filling stations. A business case for all.

Service &聽Maintenance

Don't worry! We will take care of the service for your H2 vehicle! Together with our partner network, we offer professional H2 service and repair.


From us, you get everything from a single source, including the best liability and comprehensive insurance. Here we fall back on well-known insurance companies that can offer special conditions.

Our engine &聽vehicle projects

Over the last few years, KEYOU has worked on several funded projects. From the EU-funded "H2Engine project" for the 18-ton truck to the "BayVFP bus project" funded by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs to the "WaVe Unimog project" as well as the "HyCET project" for the development of a 40-ton truck with hydrogen engine.

Smart evolution into clean mobility: KEYOU at COP27 in Sharm El-Sheik

The next big thing

From 2025, we will offer the conversion of 40-ton trucks with a 13-liter KEYOU-inside hydrogen engine. Are you interested?聽Contact us today!

Become a Pioneer
Become a pioneer
Become a pioneer
Become a Pioneer
Become a Pioneer
Become a Pioneer
Become a Pioneer
Become a Pioneer
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Become a Pioneer
Become a Pioneer

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