Sustainable. Clean. Uncompromising.

The Future Belongs to the H2 Engine with KEYOU-inside

“Our drive system is the cleanest throughout the entire life cycle, with a total cost of ownership similar to that of diesel vehicles”

More on the technology

The right technology at the right time: KEYOU has redesigned the traditional internal combustion engine enabling it to run on hydrogen as sustainable and clean fuel, bringing about a quantum leap in propulsion development. The company has succeeded in developing an emission-free, yet cost-effective hydrogen drive for commercial vehicles – without compromising performance, capacity or range.

For the first time ever, emission-free vehicles are becoming affordable.

“Our vision is a true and sustainable energy and mobility cycle. In the long run, this can only be achieved with the help of the sun and water”

More on hydrogen

KEYOU is developing hydrogen technologies that will enable the world to swiftly evolve from the oil age to the hydrogen age. Batteries support this vital change – however, being based on finite resources (e.g. lithium) they can never be a substitute for new hydrogen technologies.

The only way to achieve a sustainable and clean energy and mobility cycle on Earth is to harness the energy of water and the sun. Just as the water cycle has been essential to maintaining life on this planet for billions of years, a hydrogen cycle based on renewable energy will be able to produce clean energy and facilitate mobility in a sustainable way – and it will be able to do so forever.

2,162,000,000 kg of H

The estimated amount of H2 available in Germany alone from the surplus electricity generated by wind, solar and biogas plants, and also as an industrial by-product.

400,000 vehicles

Roughly 2 billion kg of hydrogen is enough to fuel the annual requirements of 400,000 buses and trucks.

25,000,000 tons of CO2

400,000 vehicles fitted with the latest KEYOU-inside H2 technology would reduce CO2 emissions into the environment by 25 million tons.

“Our aim is to roll out emission-free hydrogen engines which are suitable for everyday use and economically viable at the same time”

More on the benefits

Vehicle emissions are enormously detrimental to both the environment and people’s health. At the moment and for the foreseeable future, electric and fuel cell vehicles are not competitive without government subsidies; they cost a many times more than what diesel vehicles cost; and life-cycle analyses show them to have considerable drawbacks with regard to not only production, but also recycling. However, mankind and the environment are in need of a technology that is both green and economically viable across the whole value chain. What drives KEYOU is the challenge of creating a sustainable and clean solution that can be mass produced in response to this problem.