KEYOU wins Gold in the category "Excellent Brands: Transport & Mobility" at the prestigious GERMAN BRAND AWARD!

Michelle Siegl
1 minute

Last Thursday we attended the award ceremony of the German Design Council in Berlin. The reason was that we won the German Brand Award in the category "Excellent Brands: Transport & Mobility"!


Although we have won many awards over the past few years, this is an honor we are particularly happy about, as it recognizes the journey of the KEYOU brand and the development of our marketing over the past eight years! "When KEYOU was founded and I joined the company shortly thereafter, one of my first major goals was to establish KEYOU as a strong brand and make the company visible to business partners, investors and the press. After all, what good are great ideas, great people and an innovative product if no one knows about them? So I wanted to win awards, preferably one every year. And that's exactly what we've done so far. The German Brand Award is now my personal highlight," says Jürgen Nadler, CMO of KEYOU.


Another highlight is the jury's statement, which perfectly reflects our aspirations for KEYOU and our brand work: "From the logo to the corporate design to the digital presence on the web, the topic of hydrogen is reflected in form and content in a comprehensible way, and the implementation is serious, high-quality and also very progressive in terms of aesthetics. The fact that, despite the technical nature of the subject, there is still room for emotion and that the content can be understood by non-experts is very appealing. The way in which a vision has been turned into a strong brand is impressive.


A big thank you to the German Design Council for this great award!

Michelle Siegl
Marketing & Communications Manager

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